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Sabrina & Kaya's Journey

In Sabrina's own words...

My name is Sabrina and I am a singer-songwriter for my band Red Sahara and I reside in Brooklyn, NY with my daughter Kaya. I was inspired to share the story of our loc journey and how the EasyLoc Hair Tool changed the game in more ways than one. I have been growing my locs since 2005 after deliberating the choice for 7 years. It was a spiritual decision and process so when I had Kaya, I decided to not impose my belief on her and wait for her to make her own decision. Well as irony (more like magic) would have it, at 7 years old, she asked me to start her locs. I was elated at her request but hesitated on whether I should do them myself or if I should bring her to a professional. 

After we weighed the pros and cons, my sweet little sentimental said “mommy, I think it will be more special if you do them.” Well that’s all I needed to hear and started researching methods and options. That’s how I came across the EasyLoc Hair Tool. I couldn’t order it fast enough after hearing Ms. Doreen’s story of divine intervention as well as logically seeing how brilliant the design and function was. 

When it arrived I couldn’t wait to try it! I was especially excited since it would help me gauge how fast Kaya’s hair was growing since she had hair growth issues since she was a toddler. Kaya’s slow hair growth also inspired me to learn about essential oils and other natural ingredients to see how they could help. To make a long story short, the oil blend that I created combined with the EasyLoc Hair Tool changed Kaya’s reality. A picture included shows her loc journey after only 1 year and this is longest her hair has ever been. Every 2-3 weeks I wash her locs with my custom hair growth shampoo and leave in conditioner. Then I massage my oil blend into her scalp and locs before using the tool to interlock the 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch new growth. Every time we’re amazed at how fast we get through the routine and how easy it is! We actually look forward to hair wash day and now call it our Loc Love Ritual :) 

I have since purchased more EasyLoc Hair Tools for family members and shared my love for it on my social media pages @redsaharamusic and @sabrinasaharasings but had to reach out to them personally. The immediate response and gratitude from Ms. Doreen herself was overwhelming. Talk about customer service! It was obvious to me in that moment that she was doing divine work with a simple tool that makes such an impact on Kaya's and my life. As a result, I personally think it should cost more so I may have to buy a few more in case that happens so I think you should too ;)

In conclusion, trust and believe that this is a genuine endorsement from a natural mama who who expects nothing in return and honors the simple things. So when the simple things have such a monumental impact, I have to go tell it on the mountain! More so, after communicating with the visionary herself, she is a spirit I was moved by and feel so blessed to have connected with. It is my honor to share my story and express my support of EasyLoc Hair Tool and Ms. Doreen’s legacy in the making. 

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