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Why is the EasyLoc Hair Tool BETTER than metal?

The EasyLoc Hair Tool is flexible and sleek.  This makes it painless.  The EasyLoc Hair Tool can be used with wet or dry hair.  This makes it versatile.  The EasyLoc Hair Tool AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTS to fit YOUR loc size, from micro to large.  The EasyLoc Hair Tool will not damage your loc the way metal can.  


Metal tools will eventually weaken your preciously grown loc.  

Metal tools can cut your loc off.  

Metal locking tools are painful and inflexible.  

Metal tools will not automatically adjust to fit your loc size.  

Metal tools are slippery when wet.  

The EasyLoc Hair Tool is a 3-in-1 locking sensation, matched by nothing on the market...especially if you have the original, only available here.

Why did my EasyLoc Hair Tool break?

Your EasyLoc Hair Tool is a revolutionary wonder.  It is designed to be strong, fast and flexible.  It is designed to minimize damage and eliminate pain.  Therefore, before it can cut or damage your loc it will end it's own life before it complicates yours.  

How do you keep your EasyLoc Hair Tool lasting as long as our personal EasyLoc Hair Tools last?  BE GENTLE! 


Your EasyLoc Hair Tool cannot speak, so if you pull too hard or pull too fast, it won't hurt you, but it will will break, we promise.  If you deliberately try to break it...expect it to snap.  


Here is another promise:  Treat it with care and it will last a very, very, very long time.  

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