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About Us

Working to make affordable and easy to maintain locs available to everyone, around the World.

Living the loc'd and loving it lifestyle since 2009, Ms. Doreen, the Inventor of the EasyLoc Hair Tool was desperate to find a solution to self-maintain her own Sisterlocks. She tried all the interlocking methods the internet said would work... paperclips, safety pins, crochet neeedles, even the dreaded, damaging and horribly painful latch hook.  She remembered making rugs with that awful latch hook in the 1970's and knew it did NOT belong in her beautiful locs. She tried tools made by others that claimed to be for interlocking and they HURT.  

She tried everything!  

Born out of desperation, exasperation and necessity, ingenuity lead Ms. Doreen to invent the EasyLoc Hair Tool.  She hand-crafted and tested many designs until she found one that was effective and painless.  Ms. Doreen realized that others, regardless of how their hair was locked, were having the same issue... loc maintenance was pricey, time consuming, not always user friendly and sometimes it just didn't last.  There was only one thing left to do - the EasyLoc Hair Tool was mass produced, put on the market and is now selling around the World.

Brought to you by Ms. Doreen and Mustang Rich, we here at EasyLoc Hair Tool LLC want to thank you for your support as this Brand has grown a fan base around the globe.  Many of you have reached out by email, phone call and in person over the years to let us know how the EasyLoc Hair Tool has saved you time and money, allowing you to live the loc'd lifestyle with ease.  We love you and pray that all good blessings will ease your path, making your way straight, full of love, laughter and prosperity.  

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