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EasyLoc Hair Tool™

Perfect to use on Interlocks, Palm-Rolled or Dreadlocks and yes, Sisterlocks™ too!

Your hair is INSTANTLY locked.

  • No more gels, waxes, clips or hair dryers!

  • No more paper clips, safety pins or latch hooks!

Forget the snagging, forget the pulling, no more pain!

Whether you maintain your own locs or someone else does it for you,

the EasyLoc Hair Tool is a revolutionary hair care breakthrough that is for you.

Professional Edition

This is the one.  It hits different.

It's everything you want or need in a professional interlocking tool. 


Glides through the hair. 

It locks faster, easier, closer to the scalp.


Professional Loctitian... we dare you to try it.

One Well Designed Tool Does It All

Start, Maintain and Repair All Types of Locs.
Perfect for Dreadlocks, Interlocks, Microlocks, Braidlocks and yes, Sisterlocks™ too!

The EasyLoc Hair Tool™ creates a smooth entry and exit into the hair being interlocked without painfully snagging or pulling your hair.  

The EasyLoc Hair Tool™ creates neatly groomed locs, saving YOU time and money.  It is perfect for all age groups and ethnicities.

Use the EasyLoc Hair Tool to start locs.

  • No gels, waxes, creams, clips, or hair dryers!

  • Instantly  lock your hair!

Use the EasyLoc Hair Tool™ for loc maintenance.

Easy instructions are included.  Whether you maintain your own locs or someone else does it for you, the EasyLoc Hair Tool™ is a revolutionary hair care breakthrough that is for you.

  • Automatically adjusts to fit most loc sizes from micro to large!

  • Flexible for speed!

  • Wet or dry hair use!

Use the EasyLoc Hair Tool™ for sew-ins, attaching hair tracts to netting and making wigs.

Locking It Down and Sewing It Up

  • No more stuck and bleeding fingers!

  • No more stuck and bleeding scalps!

  • Painless design and flexibility increase your speed!​



  • SAVE MONEY!  $$$

Curious to see what other items we have in store? Check out our inventory, and visit our store.

A Revolution in Care For Your Locs

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